Comparing Townhouses To Semi Detached Houses

Comparing Townhouses To Semi Detached Houses

Freehold Townhouses and Semi-Detached Homes are two popular types of properties in Mississauga, but understanding the difference between the two is important before making a decision. Learn about the features, layout, and advantages of townhouses and semi-detached homes to help you decide which one is right for you.

Property Ownership

The biggest difference between a freehold townhome and a semi-detached home is ownership: in the case of a freehold townhome, you own your unit along with any shared outdoor spaces like yards and driveways, while in the case of a semi-detached home, you still own your unit but share ownership of common areas like yards with your neighbour. 


When it comes to maintenance, there are some advantages to owning a freehold townhome versus a semi-detached home. In most scenarios, individual homeowners are responsible for taking care of their own space through interior repairs, while exterior maintenance such as lawn care and snow removal is typically not part of the condo agreement or required by Canadian homeownership laws. On the other hand, semi-detached homes usually require all owners to share responsibility for exterior upkeep and improvements, which can be both beneficial and inconvenient, since you’ll need to get through any differences between neighbors in order to keep up with duties around the house. 


Another key difference between these two types of homes is size: typically speaking, freehold townhomes tend to be larger units than those found in semi-detached properties as there's more room for redevelopment on each side of an individual unit as opposed to being limited by proximity to attached dwellings. This means that if you're looking for more space when considering these styles of housing, then a freehold townhouse may be your best bet as opposed to purchasing one half of a duplex or row house-style property .  


Costs can also vary between these two different dwelling configurations depending on where the property is located:Freehold townhouses often come with higher prices due to the extended amount of land or functionality they provide over semi-detached homes, but this isn’t always necessarily true, especially if you consider factors such as location. Similarly, expenses related to upkeep may also vary significantly depending on who owns what parts around each structure, so make sure you do some research into cost ratios before making any decisions about which type would work best for you! 

Privacy & Shared Spaces

Privacy is another important factor when comparing these two dwellings: freehold townhouses provide increased privacy due to their surrounding structures. However, this also means that there are fewer places where shared activities can take place, such as backyards or barbecue areas surrounded by neighbours—this can cause strain if plans include large gatherings or parties throughout the year, since it limits available areas where friends or family could come together outdoors (without disrupting anyone else). Semi-detached houses offer more access outside thanks to sprawling yards located right alongside each other; however, this could lead to problems related to noise if rowdy musical instruments or loud voices ever become an issue among neighbouring units.  

Resale Value & Return On Investment (ROI)

Lastly, resale value should never go overlooked when looking at either type of property.  Variables such as location and nearby amenities  play large roles here and tend to surprisingly increase resale values across the board.  Consequently, high quality schools generally boast faster turnarounds featuring comparatively stronger return on investment based upon long-term investments over short-term investments- based on current trends.

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